Well, that was weird.

So, I hosted my first ZOOM workshop today.

It was weird.

In an effort to stay connected and stay active, I put together a footwork workshop on ZOOM. It was so strange to be teaching via a livestream, rather than in person.

Physical presence – and being mindfully present – is at the heart of stage combat and HEMA work – and it felt so strange not to be able to make eye contact, interact in real time, and be together.

The missing connection reminded me of why we come together to do this in the first place – to use moment, bodies, connection, to tell full stories.

It was weird, but I’m so glad we did – it’s strange to find new ways of working and adapting our craft during COVID-19.

In the meantime, if you’re interested in staying sharp with your skills – while staying safe at home – get in touch to learn about our next workshop!

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