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Where do we go from here? Stage combat and historically-themed marital arts depend on in-person workshops and training. In this extraordinary time, organizations across the country have been developing new ways of connecting, training and continuing to create together.

Get to know some of the key organizations below, and check out their social media feeds to see how they’ve adapted to the current cultural landscape.

Stage Combat

Society of American Fight Directors

A national organization promoting safety and excellence in the art of performing and directing staged violence.

Swords & Roses
An arts and education company bringing theatrical swordplay to young audiences, founded by and featuring a core ensemble of female fighters.

Dueling Arts International

Nonprofit providing comprehensive training to actors, directors, and educators in theatrical combat.

The Fake Fighting Company

A Minnesota-based company dedicated to creating and teaching safe and believable staged violence for theaters.

Historical Fighting

HEMA Alliance
Educational non-profit to provide resources for the Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA) community.

Fighters Against Racism
Organization dedicated to promoting inclusion based on gender, race, and religion within the historical martial arts community.

St. Louis School of Arms
A HEMA training school, specializing in 16th-century Bolognese tradition.

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