I’m Michael.

I’m an STL-based stage combatant, aspiring fight director, teaching artist, actor, and student of HEMA (Historical European Martial Arts). The widespread shutdown of arts organizations during social distancing (aka COVID-19) has left me with…well, a little more time on my hands, so I’m finally getting around to this whole website thing.

Also, I apparently look like this guy in a painting at SLAM. It’s by Elisabeth-Louise Vigée Le Brun, 1773, who fled revolutionary-era France to became a celebrated neoclassical painter.

I’m interested in creating a team of actors, directors, fight choreographers, and HEMA enthusiasts to train, teach, and create a standard of excellence together.

The Slings and Arrows project is launched as a way to keep in touch, share resources, and plan for the future together.

So, if we don’t know each other in real life, please reach out, get in touch, and let’s visit!

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